Antigua Justifies $3.4 Billion Internet Gambling Claim

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According to an article in the Antigua Sun, the USTR declined to comment on Antigua and Barbuda’s submission to the WTO justifying their $3.4 compensation claim. The official who responded from the USTR pointed out that there has been insufficient time to study Antigua’s claim carefully, but the official continues to hold the position that the damages being claimed appear inaccurate.

“Our view is that the figure seems excessive, but we’re going to have to study the economic methodology that’s been put forward and we’re going to have to have our own economists look at it and we will have a response to it,” the official said.

According to Mark Mendel, Antigua’s attorney in the case, the economists from the US who will analyze the submitted papers will discover the very logical justification of the $3.4 billion claim.

The US is in the unfortunate position of facing the same judges for this matter as those that presided over the previous case who were sympathetic to Antigua’s claim.

“One good thing that could come out of the situation is that the US economists, after thoroughly researching Antigua’s papers, come to realize the true potential of the industry,” said Gordon Price, Casino Gambling Web’s online gambling analyst.

Price also pointed out that government officials talk to each other and if the economists study Antigua’s position and come to realize they have no rebuttal due to Antigua’s strong justification for the claim they could share that information with other lawmakers in the US.

The deadline for this process is the 22nd of September and that though extensions are possible, the USTR told the Antigua Sun that it is working towards a conclusion to the negotiation of resolutions by that period.